About me


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have gone through many stages in my professional life, from working in the corporate world after obtaining a Master in Business, to a career in non-profit organizations.

It was while working for UNICEF’s regional office in Panama, focused on projects for long term development assistance to children, that I discovered my passion, photojournalism: “telling life-stories with images”.

I have for long worked as a free-lance photographer. Documenting UN’s and other international organizations’s initiatives and campaigns has led me through several continents. Now I am established with my family in Brno, Czech Republic, the home city of the mother of my children.

Becoming an event photographer was a twist in my photographic journey of discovery. Having a photojournalistic background, for me the best way to shoot events is the documentary approach. It is the photographer’s mission to capture the key moments in an unobtrusive way, with minimal interruption of the flow of the scene.